Home workouts: 30 ways to exercise at home – Real Homes

Home workouts: 30 ways to exercise at home – Real Homes

Home workouts are a great option if you want to stay active but can’t make it to the gym, want to save some money by cancelling a pricey gym membership, or are a busy parent looking to fit in a quick workout where you can. 

And with more of us being encouraged to socially distance ourselves, exercising at home is becoming an increasingly popular option for those who want to stay fit while minimising the risk of contracting Coronavirus, or passing it on to loved ones.

The exercises below should take around 30 minutes to complete altogether and, if completed every two or three days, should make a notable difference to your fitness levels.*

While there are a few basic buys we’d recommend investing in – think trainers, yoga mat, a set of dumbbells – they aren’t essential for those who would prefer to start with body weight only workouts. After all, if you’re dedicated to getting fit fast at home, all you really need is a little bit of determination.

Looking to go all out with exercising at homes? You may find our guides to the best home gym equipment  and creating a home gym handy reads.

To get started

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Warm up exercises

It’s really important to make the warm up the first step of your home exercise routine – doing so will increase your heart rate and circulation, loosen your joints and increase the blood flow to your muscles. It’ll stop you hurting yourself, too. 

These are the best warm up exercises; pick at least three of them, alternating those you find difficult with those you find easier. : 

Exercise at home