Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

For example, if the workout calls for burpees, Clayton suggests doing a walkout plank or mountain climbers. For jump squats, you can instead stay low and pulse it out. She suggests researching switches for louder moves before your workout and incorporating them into your favorite routines.

While Pilates and yoga are inherently quieter workouts, Clayton says you shouldn’t force yourself to do a workout you hate just because it makes less noise.

“I don’t think you should limit yourself,” Clayton says. “Do I think you should be doing dance cardio? No. But as far as HIIT workout, totally. Use your modifications and then you can do anything you want, really.”

2. Try using sliders.

Another way to modify your movements to be quieter is with sliders, which Morit Summers, NSCA-CPT, founder of Form Fitness in Brooklyn, recommends. She explains that you can use them for moves like modified burpees, where you slide your knees in and out and stand up rather than loudly jumping. Or you can use them for reverse lunges by sliding your leg behind you rather than plopping your foot on the ground. The options are endless. (In fact, check out these slider exercises for more ideas.)

“There are a ton of movements you can do where you’re moving in that fast motion, but not hitting the ground,” Summers says. “It’s an aspect of control you have to have; otherwise, you can slide out of control.”

That control comes with an added benefit: Slider exercises tend to work your core harder, which can give any move you choose more of a core focus.

Plus, you don’t necessarily have to purchase a set of sliders. Summers says that using household items like socks or towels on a hardwood floor will do the trick, making it an accessible alternative to any at-home workout routine.

3. Build a cushioned workout space.

Aside from making quieter alterations to your workouts, you can also dampen noise through some padding on your floor. Clayton recommends investing in a thick yoga mat to absorb some of the force of louder movements, and to work out in socks rather than clunky sneakers.

If you’re serious about creating a more permanent at-home gym in your apartment, you can consider putting down …….



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